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ing f▓or months, was greeted by a high▓ly expectant nation, including thousands gathering on the streets in front of large screens."'Reiwa' sounds really beautiful


and ▓it's easy to write in kanji," Haruna Kameda, an ▓elementary school teacher in her 40s told Xinhua."I was born in the Showa era, grew

  • people," Suga, Japan's to
  • p governme▓nt spokesperson, s
  • aid.The new era name, a closely
  • guarded secret that has kept the
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up in Heisei and now I'm going to live in Reiwa," Kameda, who works in Tokyo's Meguro ward, said happily.Era names, or "ge


ngo" as they are▓ known in Japanese, are used in Japan for the length of an emperor's reign.The new era name is usually announced after the accession of the new m▓onarch, but the government decided to announ▓ce the new name in advance of the ▓accession of the new Emperor.In this way companies and the

general public have time to prepare for the change and disruption is kept to a minimum.Era names in Japan are still used for official documents such as driv▓ers' licenses, as well as for ▓some calendars, newspapers and other documents such as health insurance c

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